P1150458xI’m in the midst of updating my blog so bear with me but for now my range of handmade pendant thong necklaces can be seen on the ‘Necklace’ page.  Catchy title huh?

P1150007xSo you can either click on the blue link below or on the page header above!


P1150465xIt has my current range on show, all are made to order in either copper or sterling silver and you choose the colour faux suede thong and length of your necklace.

You can contact me via




My Portugal Midnight bead has proved by far my most popular bead but always with a twist.


Customers always ask for it to be darker or bluer or with some other preference.

[000016]Never quite the same as the original and I like that.  That my customers know their own mind and make their own choices.

P1150636xI have both navy and black thongs to turn the bead into a stunning necklace.  I add my own handcrafted chain and clasp so it is all truly handmade.

P1150235xAnd my pendant thong necklaces can be finished in aged copper or antiqued sterling silver, whichever you prefer!


Available via my Facebook page at the mo.  A new website and online shop are in the pipeline.  I will keep you posted.

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Simply Love


I made these!  What do you think?


For Valentine’s or I thought maybe they would make a special thank you gift for the mum’s on Mother’s Day.


Both the bracelet and earrings are 100% handmade in sterling silver, from the chain to the glass heart beads, all made by me!


They can be bought via my new shop on DaWanda ( Click here for my online shop! ) or via my Facebook page ( Click here for my Facebook page! )


It’s Beginning to Look………………………..

Ho ho ho!

I finished these little cuties today.

Festive snowmen earrings.

I’ve made each into individual characters, with varying features, faces and hats.

In either doughnuts or rounds with a choice of hats.






Or Santa!


He he he!

My beads are 100% handmade, each created individually in the flame.  Each bead is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln and cleaned one by one by hand.

The ear wires are sterling silver and also handcrafted by me.

Doughnuts are 8€ plus p&p and the rounds are 10€ plus p&p.

They are available to purchase via my Etsy Shop – The Copperstone Forge at Etsy or via my Facebook page – Copperstone Jewellery on Facebook.

The Copperstone Collection ‘Portugal’

So here we are, the first of my Collections.

Inspired by this new and slightly befuddling country we have chosen to call home for now.

Portugal Midnight

The lack of light pollution out her in the sticks means that the night sky is stunningly and breathtakingly beautiful.  Never black, always midnight blue with the milky way seen clearly snaking it’s way across the heavens.


Portugal Mountain

We are lucky to live nestled in the foothills of a beautiful mountain range, with deep, dark and spiky pine forests knocking on our very door.  Cold, clear and bubbling streams and rivers making their swift way down the sharp rocky slopes to suddenly pool out into hidden swimming spots under the more gentle dappled shade of deciduous trees.  Despite their sometimes unforgiving nature the mountains are tranquil, magical places with endless tracks to explore and quite literally, lose yourself.


Portugal Coast

The coastline here is rough and unforgiving, lacking the cute little coves of the Algarve, here the coastline stretches for miles and miles at a time.  Backed by endless cliffs and dunes there is a wildness to the beaches in Central Portugal.  There is a very good reason why world record surfing occurs here, the Atlantic ocean beats down onto the shores and only the brave or foolish risk stepping into the waves which have reached over 100ft in height.


The Collections

Ha!  That sounds posh.  The Copperstone Collections.  It’s meant too but it’s also a bit of fun poked at those fashion moguls who release their ‘collections’ and the world stampedes to be first in the queue.

Now I am not expecting any stampedes of course, who am I to presume as much.

But these sets of beads I intend to produce as and when the flows of creativity allow are inspired by a theme and are not meant for replication.  Truly OOAK (one of a kind for those not in the know, I had to look it up so not in the know either.)

Bear with and I will show you my first two collections in my next posts……