Copper and Stone

Inspired by this book The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer I have started a new range or pieces.  Wrapped copper with semi-precious stones and my own handmade beads.

A bit more rustic and raw.  But I like the effect.  And will experiment some more.

These pieces are made using unakite.  A semi-precious stone known for it’s balancing soothing properties.

P1110698 x P1110687 x P1110689 x P1110694 x P1110696 x P1110700 x

Both currently available for sale via my Facebook Page or via my new online shop Copperstone at Blomming


I love collecting white pebbles from the beach.  Something about their shape and colour.  The way they stand out.  This linked bracelet was inspired by my ever growing collection.

Handmade glass lampwork beads, fused with sterling silver and linked with handcrafted copper findings and clasp.

Available to by via my Facebook page: Facebook link to bracelet     Now sold!  :)