It’s all About Sets Baby!


This set of bracelet and earrings is inspired by my childhood love of French marbles.


With their pretty soft marbled hues.  Like raspberry ripple ice cream.


Now available to buy in my Etsy shop -

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A Twist of Lime


I made these two Twist of Lime pendant thongs, based on my original Splash of Lime Trinity Wrap.


Both reversible so that annoying twist of pendant doesn’t really matter anymore.


One with dangles……………………..

P1130922x P1130919x

And one without………………………..

P1130967x P1130965x

Depending on whether you like to let it dangle.

Or not.

Click here for the Etsy Link to the spiral pendant


Click here for the Etsy link to the dangle pendant




Copper & Stone


I love how these beads turned out if I say so myself.


I used a graphite roller to make the different shapes but then finished them off in the flame to lose some of their regularity and eveness.


The swirls are made by sticking a thin rod of clear glass into the bead whilst it is hot and then twisting.  Quite an ingenious trick but so simple.


Available in my Etsy shop, just click here: Copper & Stone Bracelet – Etsy


Wrap It Up!

This is the first of my wraps that I have to show you.


I have made quite a collection of them and, so far, they have been really popular.

This one is slightly different in that I used sari silk instead of faux suede.  It gives a lovely boho look to the piece, with its naturally fraying edges and softness on the wrist.


As with all my pieces the beads are glass and handmade by myself.  As are the copper findings and clasp.


Available to buy in my Etsy shop – just click here:  Copperstone at Etsy 

Now Sold!  But take a look in my shop for more wraps.

Summer Living


These two bracelets are inspired by long lazy summer days.


My Summertime Bracelet is available to buy in my Etsy Shop, just click here:  Copperstone at Etsy


And the Summertime Blossom bracelet – Copperstone at Etsy


Spent sat in dappled shade on lush green grass.


Bright breezy blue skies and flower filled meadows.


Both available in my Etsy shop.



Me, Myself and I

I actually don’t wear much in the way of jewellery and although I try everything I make for comfort, practicality and appearance it rarely stays on for much longer than a few minutes.

It’s not mine to wear.  It’s yours.  Hopefully.  One day maybe.

But I decided to treat myself to a couple of pieces for my birthday.


A co-coordinating bracelet and necklace.  Not really matching.  I am not such a fan of things that match exactly.  I like things to complement each other rather than be identical.


Again,  Cindy Wimmer’s The Missing Link provided me with the inspiration for the main big hoop links in the necklace.


A mix of etched handmade beads in beachy shades of greens, blues and sands.


You can now find me and The Forge on Etsy!